Get That Life: How I Became the Astrologer for Cosmopolitan

I felt the stereotype of an astrologist as a witchy woman with a crystal ball was very outdated. It turned out to be very bad timing cosmically and financially. The economic crash had just happened, and journalists and editors were getting laid off. No one was looking for a full-time astrologer. It was an uphill battle for me to get any jobs other than small, occasional freelance assignments. I did some fashion horoscopes for People Style Watch.

I did an article for Nylon. And I wrote a piece for Radar , which was one of my favorite magazines. My article was about an upcoming transition of intense Pluto into Capricorn — an aspect that lasts for 15 years — and how that would create a lot of political and economic changes.

The day the article was scheduled to go on the website, the editor wrote to me and said the magazine had gone under. The website was shutting down, and my article was going to be the last thing they published. It perfectly encapsulated the whole experience.

I was feeling a little bit shaky about what the prospects were. I had income from renting my property in St. I am also very lucky that I had support from my family.

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If I hadn't had that, I likely would have had to find a full-time job and may have given up on my dreams to make astrology a full-time career. I was in that limbo for about two years. It ended up turning itself around slowly. I got hired by Lucky online in May to do monthly fashion horoscopes. Showing the visual aspects of the signs is something I love.

The world of the zodiac really comes to life when you can relate it to the types of homes or fabrics or clothes you enjoy. Then about a year later, Lucky hired a new editor who didn't want to do astrology anymore. This is when the face time and networking I had done was definitely important. I kept writing my blog, and I got really into Pinterest.

I started creating mood boards for all the zodiac signs. And I started to get calls from editors that I knew, or who had heard about me from someone else, and I got some assignments. For example, Gilt wanted to do something about what purchases each sign had made on the Gilt site, which is such a fun idea.

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They came to me, and I was able to immediately direct them to my Pinterest boards and show them the types of ways I bring astrology to life. I also was asked to work at an event that Almay was having for a line of makeup that was tailored to eye color. I don't usually do a ton of events because I'm wary of astrology being used as a party trick. But this was a cool opportunity. I talked to people about which colors fit best with their zodiac sign. It was another example of something creative and visual that showcased astrology in an interesting way. I had met Joanna Coles when she was at Marie Claire and started talking to her about astrology.

I submitted some proposals, and it was all very exciting except that pretty much right way it was announced that Joanna was leaving for Cosmopolitan. So that got sidetracked for a while. But about six months later, I was offered the job to take over all the astrology for Cosmopolitan. My family has always been supportive, but there are definitely skeptics.

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To decide to have a career like this, you have to be OK with that and be able to deal with those people or attitudes. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. There's also the challenge that this is not an established profession. I'm paving my own path, and in a certain way, that's exciting and appealing.

But there is something lovely about a career where you show up and do what's asked of you. I've been working with Cosmopolitan since the end of , and it's been fantastic. I'm given a lot of freedom and flexibility and creativity for my two astrology pages in the magazine and the annual Bedside Astrologer supplement. I'm able to make it very visual and appealing to me, give it a different theme every year, and I always like to teach the women who read it something extra about astrology as well. I don't try to come at it like, "Take my word for it, Tuesday is going to be a bad day.

These are things readers have heard about but don't necessarily understand. Astrology is a symbolic language. It's not about memorizing the qualities of Capricorn or Venus. It's more about how all of the characteristics fit together in a very subtle way. Dove Cottage has become an oasis for me when I need to relax, and it continues to be a successful rental. It's very satisfying to have both of my passions find success.

I know myself and my own personality. I need to be able to move around and control my own schedule a little bit. So when I was starting out, that was an important factor in weighing my career options. I can be excited about a lot of things for a short period of time.

But I need flexibility, and I need to be able to travel as a way to explore new places, and learn about people and the world. Whenever I talk to people about careers, I reiterate this point. When you're looking at the types of careers that interest you, you need to understand what the day-to-day looks like.

Will this suit your personality, and will you be happy doing this for the long term?


I'm currently getting my master's degree in consciousness studies. It's a niche online program from the University of Philosophical Research in L. Eventually, I'd like to get my Ph. But I don't focus too much on the future. I believe in taking things day by day.

Get That Life is a weekly series that reveals how successful, talented, creative women got to where they are now. Astrologer Mecca Woods tells Refinery29 that she has a practiced response for when people bring up how much she charges for her services. Woods explains that professional astrologers usually have undergone extensive training and have spent years studying their field. With time and a fair amount of money put toward the proper charting software , an astrologer accumulates a vast body of knowledge that's a unique blend of research and personal experience.

To the untrained eye, a birth chart looks like a geometry problem — it's only with a sturdy astrological foundation that you can derive meaning from them with just a glance. When we spoke with her about the process of chart reading back in , astrologer Janelle Belgrave told us as much, adding that an in-person reading is simply different from looking up your chart online.

The latter will give you the most basic facts about your astrological identity — the "what," so to speak. A one-on-one reading, on the other hand, will give you the "why" of your behavior , as it appears in your chart. For example, an online chart will point out that your moon is in Virgo, while an IRL astrologer will tell you that that means you're reluctant to share your feelings if you think they might inconvenience others. In other words, a flesh-and-blood astrologer is probably going to paint a fuller picture for you than an online blurb ever could.

Not everyone is expecting that much detail when they go looking for their birth chart some say all you need to know is your sun sign, moon sign, and your rising sign. But if you are, an expert's insight is worth every penny. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it.

Early in the morning on Saturday, September 28, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales.