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This indicates a destined factor involving the accident. As Jupiter is conjunct the antiVertex, this would involve a matter of destiny. It is also conjunct natal Saturn, suggesting a crushing factor in the accident. Diana was 36 years old when she died, so the 36th Harmonic is the correct age harmonic to use. Here is a link to articles explaining harmonics. You can see that there is a strong 8th house emphasis, with the Vertex, Venus, Moon and Jupiter all in that house.

In addition the Part of Death for this chart is 6Gemini45, square the 8th house Vertex. Notice the Ascendant-Descendant conjunct the antiVertex in the 2nd house and therefore opposite natal Vertex in 8th house. This suggests a year of destiny connected to her physical body. Mercury in the natal 8th house and ruler of the Age Harmonic Virgo 8th house, is quincunx the natal Moon, ruler of the natal 8th house. So we have several factors indicating death in this configuration. The Sun is conjunct the third house cusp and as she died as a result of a car accident this is pertinent.

The harmonic of Her natal chart is on the inside and the Daily Age Harmonic around the outside.

This chart has Neptune conjunct the Ascendant and both conjunct the natal 3rd cusp, suggesting muddle or confusion in matters to do with travel and transport. Daily Age Harmonic Uranus is conjunct natal 8th house Uranus, suggesting a sudden death. Perhaps describing the involvement of her partner. Both of these are square the natal Part of Danger at 23Taurus50, which in turn is conjunct natal Venus. The Midheaven is opposite natal Moon , ruler of the 8th house.

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This is further emphasised by DAH Moon squaring both. The IC is in the 8th house and quincunx natal Moon, ruler of the 8th house. So the Age Harmonic charts give rather strong indications of this event. You can learn more about Age Harmonics here. Click to see: Diana death Secondary Progressions. All forms of prediction should give at least some of the indications tabled above. Mars conjunct the Regiomontanus 8th cusp — a sure indication of an operation or accident.

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Interestingly it is also conjunct Secondary Progressed Part of Murder. Mars is ruler of the natal 4th house so this placement described an end. It is also conjunct her natal 2nd Part of Death. Click to see: Diana death Solar Arcs. Click to see: Diana death Tertiary Progressions. Tertiary and Minor Progressions are often very good timers for an event. This was a very stressful combination of energies, involving fixed signs and with a strong emphasis on the 2nd-8th houses. The Vertex was conjunct natal Neptune, ruler of the natal 3rd cusp, perhaps describing a destined accident.

TP Mars was square this configuration from the 8th house, suggesting death from an accident.

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As an operation can show in a natal chart as a death — because part of the body is removed and dies — it is sometimes difficult to determine if the signatures described at the beginning of this article describe a death or an operation. It is therefore important to check out the charts of close family members as the death of their loved one should be clearly shown. Even though they were divorced Charles and Diana had two children together and because of the circumstances of their lives, were still very connected.

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So I will use his chart to illustrate the astrological signatures of the death of a spouse or partner. When looking at the chart of the spouse or partner we need to use derived charts:. Charles Daily Age Harmonic of The Descendant describes his wife and the Sun is ruler of the 2nd house which in derived charts is the 8th house of his wife, indicating a death or trauma of some kind.

So Charles Daily Age Harmonic has a few signatures that could describe the death of his former wife. This can certainly describe his sorrow, and, as Saturn is in the 2nd house, connected to the death of his wife. Another interesting Solar Arc is that of Uranus conjunct Ceres. Ceres frequently shows up in charts to do with death and Uranus is the ruler of Charles 7th house of partnerships.

This shows both his prominence Sun and matters to do with the death of his wife. Eclipses really kill people. Eclipses are not going to kill you.

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In and of themselves, they never will. In order to die, you must have progressions set up. An eclipse might be a trigger for this to occur, but that is all.

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Lately, Chiron is getting a myth started on this asteroid that it's Death's Door. No, it isn't. A Chiron transit can certainly bring transformation--but it doesn't mean dying physically. The Moon's Nodes are the major indicators of dying. Not really. They may or may not be implicated in a death. Disclaimer: The testimonials provided on our website are personal views and experiences of our clients.

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